House Hacks

It all started when the flapper chain on the toilet broke. FYI that means that the toilet wouldn’t flush. It was 11 pm and I had to figure out a way to reattach the broken chain to the arm of the flapper. I give you…the paperclip! The same paperclip has been making the toilet function now for 3 years straight without fail. What other house hacks could there be???

Scratches in furniture

Scratches in dark stained furniture or flooring can often be solved by rubbing a walnut over the scratch. If that doesn’t work, you can always solve the problem with a stain pencil.

Inefficient fridge

Fun fact, the refrigerator attracts dust in its coils, the part on the back. For the fridge to run efficiently, it needs to be vacuumed once or twice a year. I thought this would be difficult but it’s actually really easy to pull the fridge out and vacuum the back with a standard home vacuum.

Fix a screen hole

Holes happen, especially in window screens. There are some easy to use products that repair holes. Usually you wire or stick these to the screen. There are also products that use beeswax that you melt on with a hair dryer which are even easier.

Replace a Fuse

When I was in college, a fuse in my apartment blew. I understood breakers, you just flip a switch and the power comes back on. This I didn’t understand. I waited two days for the handyman to come, pull the fuse out of the box, and tell me to take it to the hardware store to get a replacement. It actually is that easy and they screw in like light bulbs.

Fix Holes in Drywall

Fixing holes in your drywall, whether from a door knob or a sofa, is easy and they make kits for it too. You use a putty knife to apply compound, sand smooth, and then repaint. Simple!

Unstick Sticky Drawers

If your kitchen drawers stick, don’t worry because it’s a common problem. Fortunately, they make wax crayons that are very simple to use and help unstick the drawer. You just run the crayon along the track and the drawer works better.

Sticky Door Locks

It happens to all of us, the door lock gets a little sticky. Our dads all tell us to spray it with WD-40. DON’T DO IT! The Family Handyman suggests that you rub the top teeth of the key with a pencil and then use it a couple times. It lubricates the lock without attracting dirt like WD-40 would. And it’s free!

Smelly Washing Machines

Every once in a while, washing machines develop a funk. There is a company called Afresh that makes tablets that de-funk the machine and are very easy to use. They also make a similar product for your dishwasher that has a similar habit.

Repair a Loose Hinge

When a door hinge is loose, the door doesn’t function well. This is an annoying problem with a simple solution. Unscrew the hinge and put toothpicks in the screw holes until they’re tight. Then, rehang the door in the same holes with the same screws. Works every time.

Degunk a Clogged Showerhead

For those of you who live with hard water, the showerhead tends to get clogged and that reduces the water. You can easily degunk them by filling a ziplock baggie with vinegar and putting the showerhead in it by attaching the baggie to the head with a rubberband.

Fix Banging Cabinet Doors

When your cabinet doors bang when they close, you can fix this with a simply pack of bumpers. These attach with a sticky pad on the back and you put a bumper on each door. No more slamming.

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