Backsplash Ideas

When you are redoing your kitchen or your bathroom, there’s always the question of how you’re going to do your backsplash. You could always run your white or cream subway tiles in an interesting pattern.

This can result in some very nice and timeless looks. While subway tile will never catch somebody’s eye as quickly as a glass mosaic, it is inexpensive and will never go out of style.

You could also find an interesting tile that is a single color but a really interesting shape or pattern. The single color allows for a pop of color without being too overwhelming or distracting from other nice fixtures in the room.

I am a huge fan personally of the cement tile look. These are usually monochrome tiles with blacks, grays, and whites. I love the pattern that they create with the color rather than the shape of the tile.

Colored or metallic mosaic tile is always a favorite for bathrooms and kitchens. It lends an air of fancy to a room and they tend to have a lot of motion and decoration. If you have a mosaic tile, you’ll want to keep your other fixtures “calm” so that a viewer isn’t overwhelmed.

When nothing at the home store really speaks to you, don’t be afraid to try a non-traditional backsplash to make a statement. A chalkboard, a large piece of painted glass, pennies, or even tin ceiling tiles can make a great statement to describe you.

Ultimately, you should pick a backsplash that you love that sets you apart. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on this area of your room because it’s typically a smaller section of wall and it’s your chance to add flavor to a space. Enjoy choosing a style that is…you!

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