Ice Cube Tray Hacks

We all know and love the cheap ice cube trays from the dollar store and all of us have used these trays to make ice. Then, the world advanced and we got ice makers that were a part of the refrigerator. Why keep the ice cube tray? There are tons of uses for ice cube trays besides ice!!!

You could always make homemade chocolates out of them. Paint or coat the inside with chocolate, put it a filling like nuts or caramel, and then top with more chocolate. Once they’re chilled and solid, pop them it and top with drizzles of…more chocolate.

Herbs can be frozen in oil to help preserve them and make them easy to use for dinners. Just throw a cube of frozen basil and oil into a pan with chicken for a delicious dinner.

Frozen cubes of coffee or creamer make good additions to coffee for people who liked the ice coffee versions but also for those who find coffee straight from the pot too warm.

Use ice cube trays to portion food for later use in single servings. Tomato paste and chicken stock are immediate transgressors of coming in quantities too large for a single meal. You can portion out baby food so that teething babies have something to cook their gums while they eat.

Freezing small pieces of fruit and berries in water can add a great pop to ice water at any time of year.

Now the only problem with all of these fun hacks is that you need to find some ice cube trays. Usually I can pick them up pretty readily at the local dollar store or you can get them on amazon here. Message me to let me know your ice cube hack!

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