Creative Fence Ideas

I’m taking a small break from the shed building posts today in order to post about…fences. It’s funny because right at about this point in the actual building is when I needed to take a break or burn down the shed in reality too. Anywho…

A reader asked me recently to post something on fences because she needed a new fence around her front yard but didn’t want a traditional cedar fence. I thought this was a grand plan and combed the internet for some cool ideas.

In the realm of cedar fences, a good start to making a creative fence is running the boards sideways instead of upright. This lends an air of freshness and modern design.

Complex board patterns with different size boards or mixed media also create interest. One of these fences even has marbles attached to it. Mixing the metal in with the wood is a great way to add something unique and unexpected.

Then, you can go full metal and create some interesting designs with the wood support for your fence. Cutting windows out is entirely unexpected. The fence with tea lights even went so far as to add mood lighting and interesting metal cutout panels are becoming easier to find.

And for some of the most unique fence ideas, look to other materials. Leftover metal ceiling tiles and wine bottles can become absolutely beautiful fences! To really bring a sense of the outdoors, you could surround yourself in a vertical fence of plants.

I hope this has inspired you to think beyond the standard cedar fence. There are some really cool ideas if you want to create an interesting focal point in your yard!

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