Building a Shed–Part 2

So, after Part 1 the base of the shed was up. There was a skeleton of a foundation and it was covered in tongue and groove subfloor plywood. Now, the walls needed to be put up.

We used the base platform we had built as a building platform to frame in each wall and then stood each wall up and screwed it to the base platform. The walls were screwed down into the bottom pressure treated frame not just the plywood. This way the walls were more stable.

The framing on three walls was relatively simple. I put my 2×4 studs 16″ on center to make sure it was sturdy. Basically, each wall was framed to 8 ft tall and I made a giant box. The front wall had a window, framed in for 1/2″ larger than the window actually measured and a door, framed in 2″ larger than the door actually measured. This allows you to actually get the window and door level and square when hanging them.

Once the walls were framed, they were raised and then the top plate needed to be attached. The top plate is what really helps to hold the walls together in the long run.

Once the 4 main walls and the top plate were all put together, I built the rectangle to attach to the top of the front wall, where the window and door was.

At this point, I needed a took a break and noticed that the front wall was…really tall. That’s when I realized that the height of the front wall would make my average height tall enough that I needed a building permit. Up until now, I had been incredibly diligent to stay just under the size that would require a permit.

So, I had to take down the front wall sections and cut off the studs making it so tall. Then, put the front topper section back up. My average height was officially 6″ shorter than the height that made a permit necessary.

Next, I would be putting up rafters so stay tuned.

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