Building a Shed–Part 1

The shed began when I decided to spend a few hundred dollars on a plastic shed kit from work. Then, my mom pointed out I could build a similar shed out of wood that would work better and be about the same price. Then, I thought, if I’m going to build a shed, it’s going to fit everything. The final product was a 10′ x 16′ behemoth that fits EVERYTHING. But it wasn’t easy.

Let’s start with the design of the foundation. We decided to use 2×6 lumber to build the base of the shed and put the joists closer together than normal. The outside of the base frame was made out of pressure treated lumber since it was most likely to get wet. The joists were made out of regular green lumber since it was unlikely to get wet. Joists were held up with Simpson joist hangers and every third joist had pier blocks along its length.

Now for the difficult part, how to anchor the shed and support it between the joists and the ground. Originally, I wanted to pour a concrete pad however there were a TON of tree roots in the way and the pad wouldn’t last. So, I decided to straddle the roots and put down pier blocks.

We took an entire day to level out each pier block and to try and get the pressure treated frame level. You can see in the left picture, our ground wasn’t level from one end to the other. To level the frame, we used pieces of pressure treated 4x4s stuck into the top of the pier blocks. My boyfriend was a real trooper helping with this stage because it was about a million degrees that day.

By the end of day one, we had a skeleton laid out on the ground. The pier blocks were individually leveled and the frame as a whole was completely level and square. The next morning, I laid down 3/4″ tongue and groove subfloor. Since this would be the final floor of the shed, the tongue and groove provided more rigidity.

Head to Part 2 for more on the structure of the shed, framing the walls. It was a treat because it taught me a HUGE amount about construction but it was incredibly difficult.

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