So Many Cool Projects and Interesting Customers!

Good Bye Contractor

I started my day with a lady in her 60s that came to check on if her special order door was in yet. I told her that the door was going to be in this week and I expected her to be excited. Instead, she looked terrified. Her contractor had just told her that he wouldn’t be able to do the job for months and she had nowhere to keep it or any way to get it home.

I offered to see if our installation team could come out and check the work required to see if they could do the job. That’s when she told me that she needed walls put up as well…I am just hoping that we can do the work she needs but this one, I’m just not sure about.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence right now. The economy is good and good, well known contractors are booking jobs months out. This means people have to choose contractors they are not familiar with or choosing less reliable people. I hope we have some more contractors in the pipeline to fix this situation because it’s difficult to watch.

Burning Man? Burning Women?

So, I also had a couple of…unusual customers. These two women were, I think, after talking to them about their project, preparing for Burning Man. They were buying things like a giant stack of power cords, a sledge hammer, and two massive propane tanks.

What made them interesting was that one of them had on bib overalls…with no shirt…and definitely no bra either. At first, I judged them hardcore just based on this outfit. However, they turned out to be the nicest women and they were great to talk to!

I guess this is just one massive example on how you can’t really judge somebody. At first glance, they appeared to be loonies that weren’t sure how society saw them. But in reality, they knew how society saw them but they were just happy being themselves regardless.

The Best Treehouse EVER

My favorite customer of the day was the man who was building the ultimate treehouse for his 4 year old daughter. He started by asking for a soft rope that he could tie knots in for his daughter to climb. While I was cutting that, he paused and goes, “What about like a stretchy bungee cord for a pully system that she could pull things up and down with?”

So, I cut a piece of bungee cord. While I was cutting the bungee cord, he of course wandered over and began to hunt for the appropriate D-ring to hang the climbing cord off of. Then, because I was hunting for other D-ring options, he floated over to the pullies and goes, “I should put the pully on like an arm because she’s only 4 so she’s still too small to pull it vertically.”

I paused. Inside I was laughing because this guy was fabulous. He was so damn happy to be building this great treehouse. You could tell that he was the type of guy that had always wanted this type of treehouse and now he was an adult and he was going to HAVE it now, even if he had to share with his 4 year old.

Needless to say, he was one of my absolute favorite customers ever. He said there was no better reason to spend money than building something awesome for his daughter. I almost cried because I was so pleased to help him to make this awesome thing for a clearly loved little girl. Lucky duck she is 🙂

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