Skylights can add amazing natural lighting to your home. There are traditional square or rectangular skylights as well as round sun tunnels. I firmly believe that Velux has the best skylights based on their No Leak Guarantee as well as their customer service. What’s important is that you understand the basic differences between the types of skylights available.

Curb Mount vs. Deck Mount

Skylights come in two varieties. Deck mount skylights nail down to the deck of your roof and the flashing integrates directly with the roofing shingles. They have a slightly thinner frame to them when you look at them from the street but most people wouldn’t notice the difference.

For curb mount skylights, you build what is called a curb out of 2x4s or 2x6s, a frame really, around the hole in the roof deck. Flashing is applied and integrated with the roof shingles then the skylight is screwed on over the top of everything.

I am far and away a curb mount fan for one major reason. There is a no leak guarantee with Velux and they do not leak for decades as long as they are installed correctly with the correct flashing. However, I always plan for chaos. If a tree or hail falls on and cracks your skylight it is FAR easier to replace the glass unit on a curb mount skylight.

Fixed vs. Venting

Fixed skylights do not open to let air flow in while venting skylights can be opened either manually or with a remote that can open to let in fresh air. Almost every square or rectangular skylight can be made in a venting form.

Manual venting skylights are typically less expensive however, they are difficult to open if they are on a tall ceiling. Remote powered skylights can be wired into your home but most are solar powered and the panel is typically included in the box.


Skylights can come as small as 2×2 and as large as 4×4 in a single unit. They can be connected together into multi-skylight groups. You can also order skylights in custom sizes if you are replacing one. You will need to provide the size of the hole in the roof deck, for a deck mounted skylight, or the measurement of the outside of the curb, for a curb mounted skylight.


Skylights can add a tremendous amount of natural light to a room. Automatically, you can make a room look larger by making it feel lighter. The easiest time to put in a skylight is when you are redoing your roof however, they can be added at any time and most are simpler to add than people think. Don’t hesitate to consider adding a skylight to your home.

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