How to Build Taller Raised Garden Beds

Garden beds can be done in a number of different ways.  There are people that make different mounds and terraform their yard into a “foodscape” of edibles.  People could also integrate their fruits and veggies into their standard landscaping, which is a favorite for those nicer looking veggies like kale.  The most popular is still raised garden beds.  Sure, you could build one a foot tall but since the whole purpose of building a raised bed is to get it off the ground, why not build a tall one and get off your knees?


To start with, you could use utility cedar 2x12s to build your raised bed.  If you stack 2 of them on top of each other, that’s great but you could stack 3 on top of each other and never bend over to harvest ever again.  Most home improvement stores will have a large utility grade cedar board for this purpose.  Fasten Master makes a decent deck screw that can be found here.

Cut list

Cut 4 corner posts for each garden bed out of 4x4s that are the same height as the finished garden bed.  Eventually, your boards will attach to these 4x4s horizontally but don’t attached them yet.  Cut the appropriate number of side boards for the height you want.


For your garden beds to look professional, you will need to level the ground they are going on.  This doesn’t mean you have to dig down, you could also add soil to make the ground level.  If it isn’t perfect, don’t worry too much but you want it to be mainly level.


Attach the top side boards on each side to the 4×4 posts using 3 screws per board, per post.  Place your garden bed skeleton on the site that you leveled.  If it appears too out of level, add or subtract dirt from your site until it is mainly level.  Attach the lower side pieces, agan using the same 3 screws per board, per post.


Take your raised bed over the top by adding rock or mulch around the outside to create a walkway that not only helps to keep weeds down but also hides if your ground wasn’t perfectly level.  On a side note, I wouldn’t recommend making your pathways any smaller than 2 feet so that you don’t feel cramped moving between the beds.


Fill your garden bed with a combination of garden soil and compost so that the soil is loose and loamy, the perfect envrionment for growing a massive crop of fruits and veggies for you family. Of course, you can always boost it up with some good fertilizer.  Cover the top of it with a layer of mulch to both conserve water and keep weeds down that could be blown in.

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