Product Review–Weber Go

If you are a true red blooded American, you probably know the name Weber.  This is a company that believes in making a fantastic product for the backyard barbecue.  They do both gas and charcoal grills and there’s one for everyone.

We have a Weber Go in our backyard.  It is a miniature, gas, camping grill that works well for people just starting out because you’ll get a great Weber grill and it’s incredibly inexpensive.  We’ve done steak, chicken, and shrimp on this grill and it doesn’t sniff at it.

As new grill owners, we were not the greatest at cleaning it because neither of us was sure how.  Fun fact, there’s a brush for that!  The grill does not get covered and it frequently sits out where…it may or may not get rained on occasionally.  After three year of this treatment, the damn thing just died but I can’t blame it because we haven’t been kind to it.

The only aspect I dislike is the small square footage of the grate means we have to occasionally do a couple batches of food.  This is something that has only just started to be annoying since our Weber Go has trained us to grill more food.  I would still buy this every time for every new grill owner so that they could learn how to grill and respect their grill before they buy one with all the bells and whistles.  Now, I just need to find my grown up grill…

Addendum on Customer Service

Shortly after writing this post, the regulator went out on our grill. I almost cried. I thought, it’s a long shot, but I decided to call Weber customer service to ask if I could even buy a new regulator for the grill. I called their customer service number, 1(800)446-1071, which is open 7 days a week from 7 am-8 pm CST, 20 minutes before they were closed on a Sunday evening.

I couldn’t blame them if they had been less than helpful. Instead, I talked to somebody who was incredibly polite and was clearly from the United States. She joked with me about how loved my grill was when I couldn’t find my serial number because it needed cleaned so bad.

When I told her that I hadn’t registered it so I wasn’t sure she could help me she laughed and said the serial number told her everything she needed to know and she would register it as part of our discussion. She asked what was wrong and I explained that when a bottle of propane was attached, it leaked gas regardless of if it was turned on or not.

She explained that it sounded like a new regulator was necessary and that, because the part was under warranty, she would send me one in the mail that I could have in a week or two.

I was stunned. This woman was at the end of her shift and dealing with somebody whose product was not working properly, it’s a customer service nightmare. She provided world class customer service in every way and, as somebody who works in a customer service position, I was honored to have spoken with her. I will definitely keep this experience in mind both in my recommendation of Weber as well as in my own line of work.

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