Irrigation Methods

There are several methods of watering your yard and flower beds.  The method that you use really depends on how much you want to spend but also how much time you want to spend watering your yard.

Hoses and Cans

The most basic watering system is a hose or a watering can.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Flexogen hose but this is basically taking your water from a tap or spigot and containing it to walk it to your plants.  This is the least expensive way to water your plants, other than to not water them which, if you ask my mother, is one of my favored methods.  However, this takes the most amount of time and requires you to remember, after a long day at work, to water your garden.

Timing Systems

You can take it up a notch and put your hoses and sprinklers on timers.  Timers typically run off batteries and are not well suited toward being outdoors except during the summer so bring them in in the winter.  Timers add some cost to watering since you also have to pay for the timing system.  However, my timer cost roughly $50 and it has 4 different zone capabilities.  It has been so heavenly to just enjoy my garden every day rather than work on it.

Hardwired Systems

If you want the best of the best there are automatic watering systems that connect to your home wiring so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.  These systems require you to bury piping or tubing in the ground so they are more complex and expensive to install.  These are the least time consuming systems to use because they don’t need to be winterized and once they’re set, you’re done. This is going to be my next step and I can’t wait to put one in.


Choose a watering system that works with your budget but remember that you pay too by taking more time to water your garden.  Whatever you choose, spend a reasonable amount of money on your supplies so that they last multiple years.

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