Putting in Soffit Vents

I talked in a previous post (Venting your Home) about the importance of having a good balance of venting in your house.  You can imagine my annoyance when I found out that my own house did not have any.  So, without further ado, here’s how to install soffit vents in your own house.

I installed round puck style vents in my soffit. You have to drill a hole at first that is the same size as the vent, in my case 2 ½”, and then insert the puck. You can get a similar vent sold in packs of 6, that installs the same, it’s just slightly smaller.

The hole takes a whileto drill so prepare for your arms to go numb and you’ll be grumpy afterdrilling a couple holes.  I could neverget the hole plug to come out easily so I had to stab it with a screwdriver topry it out.

If you look in the last photo, you’llsee part of my problem.  The bottom ofthe hole is covered by wood insid ethe attic. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the top plate of my house.  That’s a vital structural element folks!  And it would be difficult in the least to cuta soffit hole without haven’t that in the way. So, behind my 2 ½” soffit vent is a much smaller hole but it’s betterthan nothing.

When installing my vent, I ran a bead of caulking around the edge to produce a good seal on it. The caulking I used was called Lexel which is a clear, silicone caulk that is fairly flexible. Once there’s some caulking on the edge, put your vent on with the louver’s pointing down.


So, ultimately, my home is nowappropriately vented and it only cost me about $40 to fix the situation.  My arms are…tired to say the least.  The job wasn’t difficult it was just timeconsuming.  I did need to buy bigger batteries for my drill because it takes a TON of battery to drill a hole thissize.  Ultimately, I am happy with thejob I did and I’m happy that my house can breathe now.

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