Tour of Homes (Part 1)

It’s Tour of Homes time!!  For those of you who are not so lucky to know what this is, it is a fabulous time where builders showcase the new homes they have been working on.  There are roughly 20 homes that are showcased and they show the latest in environmental construction as well as design.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve got photos of some of my favorite features.  Enjoy!

There were several cool backsplashes on display.  The one on the left is indicative of the interesting shapes and colors represented.  I didn’t see any plain subway tile.  The one on the right shows that, even with a more normal shaped tile, builders are getting creative on hanging it.  The tile in the field is in a herringbone pattern and then above the stove, it changes pattern to make it a feature, but still uses the same tile.

Accent walls people!!  The stacked stone and the weathered wood are feature walls on fireplaces.  A fireplace is an excellent location to put a feature given that it’s usually a smaller area in a common room.  The shiplap is in a bathroom, another excellent location for a feature wall.  Bathrooms are small spaces so you can explore interior design safely in them.

Grays are still the name of the game but rooms are becoming more than just single color boxes.  Neutral but active countertops lend an air of originality to rooms now.  When you just have to have that white, marble countertop don’t forget to put some color in your cabinetry and flooring.

Clear glass doors and walk in showers are the king of the master bathroom remodels.  These clear glass doors are usually paired with high end shower heads, such as the one on the left, or decorative accent tiles such as the one on the right.  There wasn’t a single home with a bathtub in the master bath however, there was always a tub in the guest bath.

Final Thoughts

I wish that all of you could have gone on the Tour of Homes with me but at least you’ve seen a sneak peak of what was out there.  If you ever get the chance, participate in one of these tours.  They give you tons of ideas and help you to visualize new products and technologies.  I am notorious for taking photos on my phone so that I can remember the things I want to have in my own home.  If you want extra credit points, chat up the realtors or homeowners to learn why they chose the materials they did.  Let me know what you all want to see in your new homes.

Coming Next: The biggest and most expensive home on the tour!

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