Communication Issues

Today’s tale from the hardware store…we had a customer come in with communication issues. She was a nice enough elderly woman who struggled to explain that she wanted her door installed by us. Her neighbor came in with her to help but he wasn’t going to be available for most of the process.

She did not understand that a major part of any home improvement contract is that the contractor comes to give a bid and you sign off to say that you understand what you will be charged for. This is typically required by law if not common sense.

We wanted desperately to help her out but she was stuck on just paying one fee and having the door installed, she didn’t understand that there were too many factors for us to estimate what it would cost and it was wrong for us to do so.

We are going to try and help her but I think her story can give us all a lesson. Remember, there are some things that people are not able to help you with effectively at the hardware store. Sometimes, you are asking for something dangerous (I’m looking at the lady that wanted to run her electrical lines through her pipes) and sometimes just impossible (if they don’t have an item, they can’t give you the item regardless of how upset you get).

Always remember that the people at the hardware store want to help you have the best project possible. They will help you however they are capable of helping and getting upset or demanding things that are impossible is not going to result in any better results.

Give a shout out and a thank you to your local hardware employee!

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