Product Review–The Family Handyman Magazine

For every first time homeowner or new handyman, you can get inspiration and tips from some good magazines on the topic.  It could also be that I am addicted to these types of magazines too however, they really do help to maintain and make your home a better place to live.

The family handyman is a low cost publication with a yearly subscription at this time (2019) running around $10.  This is a hell of a deal!

At the beginning of each magazine, there is a section dedicated to product reviews and information on specific tools that you may not have known about.  I found some great products reading this section, including the best dust mask ever created and a holder for my carpenter’s pencil that I didn’t’ even know I needed.

Projects in each magazine range from outdoor benches to wine holders for the kitchen.  Each project has a basic overview with plenty of pictures throughout to walk you through things visually.  There is typically a cut list that tells you what you would need to replicate the project exactly.

My favorite section is the very last one where homeowners can write in with the infamous mistakes they’ve made.  I have prevented several of my own mistakes by reading this section and it is always incredibly funny.  They’re the type of stories that everybody who has tried home improvement can sympathize with: like building a beautiful pergola and accidently knocking a window or two out with a board.  Once in a while, an industry professional will write in with a funny one: like the deck builder that built a beautiful deck…on the wrong house.

All in all, this is my number one recommended publication to those homeowners just starting to dabble in home repair and improvement.  It is very inexpensive, written for beginners, and its website is second to none for archived information.

For those of you interested in subscribing or checking out their magazine, and I expect it’s every one of you, here’s a link to their website.

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