Tips for Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has become incredibly popular for a variety of reasons.  People like that it’s better for the environment.  There’s also the benefit of not feeding your family food potentially laced with harsh chemicals.


The hardest part for new organic gardeners is time.  Organic gardens can be just as lush and big as a regular garden however, it takes a lot of time and energy to get it there.  The fertilizers in organic gardening take much longer to provide nutrients to the plants that may need them.  There are some, an example is osmocote, which are designed so that part is released sooner and part is released later.  This provides nutrients over a longer period.


Then there’s the organic gardener’s best friend: compost.  Good homemade compost is what takes the organic garden and makes it extraordinary.  This can take years of constant labor to incorporate into the garden beds.  Once this is done though, you will never find another more productive garden with great soil texture.

Disease Control

For pest control, you’ll want to explore options such as ladybugs, praying mantids, or neem oil.  An interesting organic option is diatomaceous earth which is made of microscopic seashells that cut insect exoskeletons.  For organic fungus control, sulfur is a nice option since it is a nutrient that plants naturally need anyway.


Organic gardening can ultimately be very rewarding but you have to be a patient, hard-working gardener.  It will not be very successful if you can’t put the time into it however, you will get out of it everything that you put into it.

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