Styles of Light Fixture

I absolutely love helping customers select the light fixtures for their house. Sure, there’s always the people that decide builder’s basic is right for them. But then once in a while, somebody truly understands the power of lighting on their design. I’ve gotten to help a customer find the perfect green pendants and I’ve gotten to dream about a cohesive look for an entire house based on a photo from a magazine.

Flush Mount

The most basic light fixture is a flush mount.  These light fixtures are for areas with low ceilings or a smaller area like a closet.  They have less design style typically but there are some that have more design and they can be quite pretty.


For over a table or entryway there are chandeliers.  These large light fixtures have the most interest to them.  Typically, this is the most expensive fixture in a home.  I recommend you let this light fixture decide the design of your other light fixtures.


Pendants are usually used over kitchen islands and above sinks.  The vast majority are used for cute pops of design.  Especially above kitchen islands, this is a great area to get some style into your design.


Sconces are attached to the wall.  These fixtures are small but they can have incredible style.  They come in interesting colors and shapes.  Some have glass that adds some interesting texture to the room.


Light fixtures are an integral part of spatial design.  If you spend thousands of dollars for every faux knot in your luxury vinyl flooring and every speck in your granite countertop, do not slack on your light fixtures!!  They are the jewelry of your room and they will take a space from being well done to beautiful.

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