Venting your Home

Did you know that your home breathes?  A healthy house requires air flow from the bottom to the top in order to last. It is important to balance the air intake, through foundation vents and soffit vents, with air outtake, through roof vents and gable vents.

Foundation Vents

First, you need the appropriate amount of foundation vents.  Foundation vents should be clear or air can’t get through.  You can “winterize” your vents by blocking them with plugs but don’t forget to unblock them.

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents allow air intake for the top of your house.  These vents range from small round pucks to louvered rectangles.  The important thing is to keep these vents cleared of roof insulation.  Attic friezes help keep the insulation back.  Good soffit venting is crucial for the health of you roof.

Roof Vents

Roof vents can be pot vents, square vents within the field of the shingles, or ridge vents, placed right on the ridge line of the roof.  Pot vents are older and are less efficient.  Ridge vents are far more efficient and I highly recommend them over pot vents.

Gable Vents

Gable vents are openings along the upper side of your house that allow air flow out of the attic via another opening. They are an important part of the air outtake of a house. To increase their outtake, you can get a powered gable vent that will turn on when it gets too humid or hot.

Decorative Gable Vent


The balance of air intake and outtake keeps your house from rotting away.  What you should do is make sure these vents are clear and have screen over them to keep critters out.  If you are missing vents, or need to replace them, keep that balance in mind and ask for suggestions at your hardware store.

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