Today’s Tale from the Hardware Store

Today, a couple was trying to figure out which door they wanted. They had a classic disagreement: he wanted one type, she wanted another, and their daughter was patiently waiting in the shopping cart for them to decide.

Let me just say, these two were awesome! They were both happy and they were friendly bickering back and forth. Both asked me multiple times to side with them.

I loved helping these two. FYI, he wanted the door that had a venting window that he could open for air flow; she wanted the door that had mini blinds in the window to provide privacy.

My favorite was when he asked why this door needed blinds when every other window could be seen through. Her response…”This goes on the laundry room. The rest of the house is clean…the laundry room isn’t!”

Thank you to this couple for a fabulous discussion on the benefits and problems of each type of door! You gave me a great laugh!

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